Project Description

Livingston Whole Home Interior Renovation

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We needed a contractor to renovate a house in Livingston NJ that we hadn’t purchased yet. We were in a big rush because I was pregnant with our second child and we had to move out of our previous house by a certain date after we sold it.  Needless to say, it was a stressful situation all around. We reached out to 11 contractors to find the best group that would work within our budget and timeline. Bobby saved the day.  In fact, we almost went with another group that was cheaper but Bobby pointed out several things that were missing in the quote that we would end up having to pay for later on.
So we went with Delmo Construction and let me tell you, these guys mean business!  They renovated our entire home within 3 months. 3 full bathrooms + a powder room, a full kitchen, re-tile the ceiling of the basement, build a full gym in the basement, re-carpet the basement, paint the entire interior (remove horrible wallpaper, paint the ceilings and trims as well as several coats of paint, refinish the hardwood flooring throughout the entire house, add hardwood flooring where there was tile previously, re-stone the fireplace, update electrical in various parts of the house and create a full mudroom in the garage at the entrance to the kitchen. They also installed a whole-house generator, brand new water heater and softener and a humidifier in both hvac units. Did I mention that we were in a huge rush?  But Bobby figured it out. Everyone worked overtime to get our project done and worked tirelessly to help us realize our dream. Bobby is so easy to work with and trust-worthy.  But honestly, they all are. You won’t find anything unethical about anyone on their team.  And the work they do is the best quality. No cutting corners or rushing through anything just to get the job done. They get it done properly.
On several occasions we interacted with the subcontractors for different parts of the job.  All of them are extremely professional and helpful. We were so impressed with their work and attention to detail as well as how wonderful their personalities are.  We’re so thankful to Bobby, Gary, John, Sean, Tony, Tavio, Frank, Kenny, Dennis, Eric, Konstantino, Tommy, Bob Pepper, Vinnie, Rob, Joshue, and the whole rest of the team. We got to know these specific guys throughout the project but we’re sure there are others that we never got to meet.  What’s also impressive is how much these guys love Bobby. We got discounts on practically all of the material for our renovation just because we told the reps that we were working with Delmo Construction! We saved so much on our bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures, basement carpet, appliances, and even our brand new front door.
Long story short: use Delmo Construction.  If you can’t afford them, save until you can and get the job done right. Or just talk to Bobby and he’ll give you options on what you can do within your budget.
Elvin and Cindy